Sikafloor Level Pro Finish

Sikafloor Level Pro Finish 9kg

Sikafloor Level Pro Finish


Sikafloor Level Pro Finish is a self-priming finishing and smoothing cement. The fast drying skim coat can be applied up to 4mm in a single application and provides a smooth, flat surface when dry.


For use in interior domestic and commercial applications, Sikafloor Level Pro Finish is applied as a skim coat to internal concrete substrates, masonite underlay or CFC sheeting prior to subsequent flooring materials.


It can also be used on walls and floors to smooth roughened/damaged concrete. 


  • Self-priming on smooth trowel finish concrete
  • Fast drying
  • Very low VOC
  • Green Star certified
  • High moisture tolerance
  • Suitable for castor wheels loadings
  • Non combustible
  • Applied from feather edge up to 4mm


  • 9-13m² per kg
  • Available in a 9kg pail

See below for the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Product Data Sheet (PDS).


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